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Celena Rubin

Portland, Oregon based Professional Makeup Artist and Photographer, Celena Rubin was born and raised in Southern California in the heart of the entertainment industry. Celena became involved in makeup artistry and photography at a very early age.  Both of her parents were professional photographers, so she was around makeup and photography for as long as she can remember.


Celena attended Hollywood High School where she first received theatre makeup training and photography lessons before continuing her advanced makeup courses with Emmy award winning makeup artist David Dittmar.  Soon after graduating makeup school, she began working regularly for Good Morning America, 20/20, and many other national ABC News shows.  She was appointed resident makeup artist for Good Morning America at the 2000 National Democratic Convention where she did makeup for the Gore family, the Kennedys, past presidents, and since then, has done makeup for many other high profile politicians and celebrities.


Celena has done makeup for everything from editorial and ads for major magazines, to fashion shows, commercials, music videos, television, and film.  She has implemented her skills as an online beauty expert and started her own school for professional makeup artistry, The Art of Makeup School, located in Portland, Oregon where her photography career began. She has been taking portfolio photos of student work for over a decade before branching out to start her own photography business.


She now offers these two creative skills either separately, supporting other productions with hair and makeup, or she merges the two talents to create her own flawless photo shoots. ​

The Art of Makeup, The Pacific Northwest's School of Makeup Artistry
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