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Another Makeup & Hair Bill in Oregon Passed!

Updated: Feb 15

Happy Fourth of July

Celebrating Makeup Artistry Freedom in Oregon!

In just 2 years, with the help of my community and wonderful legislators, we have accomplished so much! Only 2 years ago, I initiated my first bill ever (SB836), to change the law, allowing professional makeup artists who work in film, TV, stage and professional photo shoots, to make a living in Oregon without needing a cosmetology or esthetic license. That was huge for makeup artists in Oregon! But that wasn’t enough. Makeup artists and hairstylists who work in film, tv, stage and professional photo shoots are expected to apply a temporary hairstyle on models and actors. That brings us to bill #2 which passed only yesterday! SB699 allows for temporary hairstyling for film, video, stage, and professional photo shoots without a cosmetology license.

Here is the actual bill: SB699

Tomorrow it is my 4 year anniversary living in Oregon. I love living in a state and in a country that is open to and allows for change. Some other big laws have passed this week, and we have a lot of reasons to celebrate. Today is Independence Day! What perfect timing. Let’s celebrate our ability to make change and go after our dreams. I have some big plans for my school, always planning, changing, growing, and evolving, going after my dream to make my school the best it can be.

Come celebrate with me and other makeup artists July 25th from 6pm-9pm at Art of Makeup! If you haven’t been to Art of Makeup, please come see the studio with your friends and family, celebrate changing the law, and celebrate my birthday! There will be cake…

SB699 Makeup Law logo

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