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Bridal Makeup

I think you need to be a special kind of makeup artist to love doing bridal makeup. It is a high stress day with high expectations! The bride wants her day to be absolutely perfect, and a big part of it relies on her makeup artist who sets the mood. Not only do you have to be able to deliver perfect makeup application for her big day, but it must be delivered quickly. There is usually a party of bridesmaids, mother-in-laws, and sometimes even the groom that you must apply makeup on too. If there are more people than you can handle, then you might need to hire a makeup assistant, or maybe someone just to style hair. You need to know how long everything is going to take and stick to your schedule. There might be interruptions during your application, but don’t let that slow you down! You must stay cool, calm, and collected in order to keep your bride calm as well.

If you are prepared, organized, and come in a good mood, then you should be able to help the bride have the day she is expecting. When you realize how important you are to her special day, it can be just as fulfilling for you too! Here are some pictures from the last wedding I worked on in the Gorge. The drive there was beautiful. I had to do 10 people in 5 hours, including the bride. The bride practically shoved food in my mouth while I worked, because I didn’t have time to eat. They took care of me and I took care of them. They were happy which made me happy. It was a furiously fast makeup day, but well worth it with all the hugs I got when I was done! Thank you Cori for making my day too!

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