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Celena Rubin from The Art of Makeup Featured on KGW8 Halloween Special 2023 - Pennywise the Clown!

Updated: Feb 15

It was so exciting to be invited back to Hello Rose City! on KGW8 again this year with host Lacey Evans. Last year it was rather nerve wracking doing skeletal makeup on the host of the show, Lacey, live on camera while viewers watched! Thankfully, it went really well though. I thought it would be easier this year to do makeup on my student graduate, Marrissa Buttars while Lacey talked to me, but no, I was still just as nervous. Aren’t makeup artists supposed to be behind the camera, not in front? Not these days! I’m going to be in front of the camera a whole lot more in my video content for my online school coming up soon.

In all actuality, it was really fun being on the news, and went really well again. You can watch both episodes! Here is the most recent one below, and you can find the other one from last year right here.

Thanks for watching!

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