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From Makeup to Movie Star! Makeup Artists Who Get Discovered!

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

I am not the first makeup artist who started out acting or played in a band. And I hardly think I’m the only makeup artist who has fantasized about getting discovered on a set and pulled into a scene by the director who thought I had the just the look he or she needed. When I was still single, it always stuck in the back of my mind that Rob Lowe married his makeup artist. I thought for sure that whenever I were to get the opportunity to do Robert Downey Jr.’s makeup, he would be sure to marry me too. Well, I finally did get to do his makeup and he didn’t marry me. I was too intimidated to even give him my card…and I had just gotten engaged to someone else! Bad timing, (no offense, Hubby). But these things can actually happen to makeup artists working on film and television sets. I actually was discovered once! Okay, it was over a decade ago, but that’s how long it took to finish the film. I was doing makeup on a feature when the director grabbed me and told me I had the perfect 1920’s look for his film. He stuck me in two very prominent scenes with a very prominent celebrity, Debi Mazar. Ironically, Debi Mazar started out as a makeup artist before she made it as an actress! I wonder if she got discovered… I’ve been waiting forever for the movie to come out, and the premier is Sunday August 11th in Los Angeles…and I’m in Portland. For most of you reading this, that’s today! Ah! Bad timing again!

Sometimes makeup artists end up in FRONT of the camera.  See my story how i ended up in a movie scene with Debi Mazar.

Celena in costume with Debi Mazar

Return to Babylon Full Movie

Return to Babylon is a 2013 black-and-white silent film about the silent film era. Directed by Alex Monty Canawati. It stars an ensemble cast of Jennifer Tilly, María Conchita Alonso, Ione Skye, Debi Mazar, Laura Harring, and Tippi Hedren.

See makeup artist Celena Rubin’s scene with Debi Mazar at 26:04

Still shot from the movie
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