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Inspiration from Nature

It was such a gorgeous clear blue-sky day today that I took two walks to the park. While I was there I discovered tiny white daisies popping up all over the damp green grass. It’s barely even February. Could spring already be pushing its way through the earth? I panicked a little. We haven’t even gone sledding yet! Well, we’re heading to the mountains tomorrow. I want to make sure I get to experience every season to its fullest. I think my favorite thing about each season is watching the colors change. I love seeing bright white snowflakes floating down from the sky as much as I’m excited about seeing all the new flowers in Springtime. Each flower has it’s own dramatic hue. It’s magical. Summer brings a new set of colors with its dazzling red and pink sunsets and lush green forests. In the Fall I’m amazed that a tree that was once so intensely green, can change into a brilliant red, orange or yellow. These are colors that inspire me, colors that I find in nature. I once spent the day at The Long Beach Aquarium, studying the color combinations on tropical fish, so I could apply them to my next fashion shoot. The colors on fish are extraordinary. The combinations of colors with patterns are proof that a higher power exists. That’s all I need, tropical fish to make me feel spiritual. I take these colors and I apply them to my art. They give me new ideas of color combinations, and inspire me to use colors that I may not have reached for. It might be just one bold color on a face, maybe a lip, a cheek or an eye. Moderation is the key, but have fun with it. Get inspired by your environment, and then color yourself with it!

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