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Makeup artist on camera – Alexi Lalas Levi’s Commercial

Just when you least expect it, sometimes you are told on a shoot, “By the way, you are going to be on camera today.” Yikes! In this Levi’s spot with Alexi Lalas, it describes a typical day in his life, including getting makeup (that’s where I come in). He describes how you see him in his suit from the waist up on camera, but what you can’t see are the Levi’s he’s wearing below. This is funny, because it gets a lot worse than Levi’s sometimes. I was working on an ESPN job at the horse races in Del Mar, CA, and the sportscasters were wearing suits from the waist up and shorts and flip-flops below. No one could see of course, except for the crew. You can see the commercial at the link below.

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