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Meeting Great Minds – Mac 30 Year Anniversary

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

When people ask me what my favorite type of makeup is that I do as a makeup artist, my answer is always the same. It’s not the makeup that is my favorite part of being a makeup artist. It’s the experiences that makeup artistry has brought to my life, and the people I have met because I am a makeup artist. I have met extraordinary people in my life that I would have never met if it weren’t for becoming a makeup artist.

Sometimes the makeup I do is absolutely minimal, not creative, and down right boring, but the job is fantastic. I can say that for one of my most recent jobs, the Mac 30 year anniversary campaign that was just released today.

I did makeup on 4 amazing people, all men who used Mac for their creative inventions. Craig Hickman created Kid Pix in 1990, which my daughter still uses now in school. She was excited to find out that I met him. David Carson, art director of Ray Gun magazine, one of the first magazines my work appeared in, invented new ways of using fonts in graphic design, and Robyn and Rand Miller created Myst, the first role-playing adventure video game, which used to sit on my shelf. So even though my job didn’t consist of much more than keeping the shine off their faces, the experience of meeting people whose names have been sitting on my shelf or making their appearance in my daughter’s school, was even better than lipstick. I didn’t mind being put up in a nice hotel, flown to locations, and served fancy meals either!

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