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My trip to IMATS in Vancouver, B.C.

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Growing up in L.A., I had access to the mecca of all the film industry had to offer. I didn’t just grow up in L.A., but I grew up in Hollywood, attended Hollywood High and started my makeup artistry training at the Hollywood High performing arts magnet where I practiced on the theater performances in our huge auditorium. I walked home past the famous Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. under a view of the notorious Hollywood sign sitting on the hills above.

As I pursued my career in makeup artistry, naturally I discovered the International Makeup Artistry Trade Show which I began attending in the 1990’s. The first time I attended I was so excited that I literally ran from class to class for fear that I would miss out on a single word. I vividly remember my heart racing from excitement the entire day.  I attended IMATS for years, but living in Portland has taken me further away. This year I decided to explore and attend IMATS in Canada. It was my first time in Canada, so I made a vacation out of it. My husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary there. You know you married the right guy when your husband agrees to celebrate part of your wedding anniversary at a makeup tradeshow! Here’s some pictures from IMATS Vancouver! If you want to see more, check out my post.

IMATS Vancouver, BC

Student Competition

Student competition IMATS Vancouver, BC

Student Competition winning makeup IMATS Vancouver, BC

Ben Nye Demo IMATS Vancouver, BC

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