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Watch The Digits!

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

About a year ago I started working with The Digits, an online educational web series that teaches elementary and middle school age kids math. The creator, Scotty Iseri came from a theater background, and brought a very theatrical feel to the series. The makeup has been really fun and creative, and the costumes, set, characters and writing are fantastic and colorful.

Yesterday the Galaxy Twins, Chad and Becky, were being shot. It was a super busy day with 9 makeup changes! Chad had to look like he was crying, so I had to create blue snot under his nose, puffy red eyes, and running mascara streaks down his face. Glycerin worked great! Both Chad and Becky had to look like rock stars for their music video, so I gave Chad a question mark on his face and Becky a star. And when Chad exploded on Becky, who knew corn starch would be the perfect ingredient! It was super fun. Here are some pictures.  

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