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What! I’m connected to Trump?

Karen McDougal and Celena Rubin

Celena Rubin & David Lee Roth

Lately, I keep noticing how a career in makeup artistry has connected me to historical events and people, good or bad, and this time turns out the latest news has linked me to Donald Trump! The latest news about Trump has been about several affairs he’s had with women, one being porn actress Stormy Daniels, another being Playboy Playmate Model of the Year, Karen McDougal. Now that’s a familiar face!

In 1998 I distinctly remember Karen McDougal when she was the Playmate Centerfold Model of the Year. I can’t believe it was twenty years ago! It was well before the idea ever occurred to me to open my own makeup school or move to Portland, Oregon. I was pretty satisfied working as a free-lance celebrity makeup artist in Los Angeles at the time, as life brought me all kinds of adventures and this was only one. I remember Karen pulling up to David Lee Roth’s mansion in Pasadena, CA in the fancy car that Playboy gives their Playmates of the Year (for the year) to star in his music video that I was hired to do the makeup on. Besides doing David Lee Roth’s makeup, I had the pleasure of doing Karen’s, the Playboy triplets, and another Playboy model for a couple of days at the house. Karen had just left her job as a Kindergarten teacher when she was chosen to be a Playmate and then Playmate of the Year. She was as sweet as can be and absolutely beautiful! I never expected to see her again though, and certainly not connected to one of our Presidents. Here’s the CNN interview if you want to read more: karenmcdougal

Playboy Triplets, Celena Rubin, Karen McDougal, & Playboy Centerfold

You never know who you’ll meet as a makeup artist or how it’ll connect you to this world, but it definitely lends to an interesting and fun life!

I wonder who will show up next…

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