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Working in the Elements

Bella’s House in Twilight

Having lived in Los Angeles my whole life, except for brief winter vacations to the east coast or a quick jaunt to the mountains to play in the snow, I had never really experienced much change in the weather. My working life hadn’t seen the need for much more than sneakers and a light coat to bring me warmth and comfort. In fact, I usually found myself seeking sunblock and shade up until now. After working in Oregon, I quickly learned how to prepare myself to work outside in the rain.

I just finished working on a two day shoot for FX network’s TV show, DVD on TV, airing March 12, 2012 with host Dave Holmes. We travelled to several locations where the movie Twilight was shot. Dave gave the inside scoop on each location. I was looking forward to seeing the locations, and I knew it would be an easy job with only one man to take care of. Even though I knew it was going to rain, I still chose my stylish new boots to wear over skinny jeans. I wanted to make a good impression. I wore modest black gloves and my down insulated rain coat. Then we headed to the Columbia Gorge.

I had been to The Gorge before, but I forgot how windy it was. My toes and fingers were so cold, they were actually burning. My face, neck, torso, and legs were cold too. My comrades were wearing long underwear under their jeans, but mine were too tight. Even my makeup was frozen. When it began to rain though, at least I had my handy umbrella and my plastic waterproof set bag, so my makeup and supplies were safe.

Waterproof Set Bag

With host Dave Holmes

I learned quickly though. The second day I brought no less than: 2 pairs of warmer boots, including the hiking boots I chose to wear, 3 pairs of wool socks, fleece long underwear under my jeans, rain pants in case I needed to wear them over my jeans, a scarf, warm hat, thermal shirt under a light fleece jacket under my snow jacket, and warm snow gloves. I was comfortable. I stayed dry. My makeup stayed dry. And I got to spend the whole day thinking about Robert Pattinson. Yes, I looked like a dork. I probably am a dork, but I was warm and happy.

To see more Twilight photos, go to my Facebook Page, then go to Twilight Tour photo album.

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